The northern Ecuadorian Andes offer a captivating range of adventures in culture and nature for our guests to enjoy in our company. The journey from Quito passes the Equatorial line ‒ an obligatory photo opportunity! ‒Dairy farms and flower-growing businesses, the snow-capped volcano of Cayambe and the looming mass of Imbabura Volcano.

The routes can include the freshly-baked biscuits of Cayambe, the handicraft market of Otavalo, and the regeneratedIbarra-Salinas railwaywhich runs daily from Wednesday to Sunday.

Located 70km north to the north of the hacienda, the unique El ÁngelEcological Reserve extends over 15,715 hectares. The Reserve is home to the strange and beautiful frailejones(espeletia) plants, which create a haunting forest across the high-altitude moorlands or páramo, as well as high-altitude lakesand bewitching, atmospheric polylepis(paper bark tree) forests. The Reserve protects a number of important species, including trout, marsupial frog, Andean teal, condor, carunculated caracara, American kestrel, Andean seagull, turtledove, wild rabbit, páramo wolf and deer, among many others.