The Hacienda


The hacienda’s lands date back to 1680, making it one of the oldest in the country, stretching back to the first parcelling of lands by the Spanish authorities in the New World colonies. Its style is actually more reminiscent of the country manor houses of southern Colombia or Venezuela than those of Ecuador, with an external patio running around the house’s outside walls. This is perhaps due to its altitude which at 2,000 metres-above-sea-level (6,561 feet), makes it quite low for an Andean home, and also due to its valley’s lack of rainfall: it enjoys its own micro-climate, which receives less rainfall than neighbouring areas. The hacienda has belonged to the Zaldumbide family ever since its creation in the 17th century. Here, Don Juan Zaldumbide Ibargoitia’s descendants farmed the land and developed a donkey farm which grew to be the most important in the northern Andes. Some Zaldumbides went to war, fighting in the Napoleonic Wars in Spain in the 19th century for example, while others followed more literary pursuits, such as the famous Ecuadorian poet Julio Zaldumbide of the early 20th century. Soldier or poet, all loved their Andean home, slowly embellishing it down the years – by inviting a French landscape artist to design the gardens, or reconstructing the house following the terrible earthquake that struck the region in the mid-19th century. Today, the house is a reflection of its historic character. Some constructions date back to its foundation, while others, such as the chapel and library, to the 19th century, and the Brazilian species of trees in the gardens and the painted eaves to the mid-20th. Its current house and five hectares of land belong to the family of Guillermo Zaldumbide S., who has developed other tourism businesses in Ecuador, including Sacha Lodge and Casa Aliso.

Hacienda Piman is redolent with history in every detail. The former colonial and Republic country manor has been lovingly-restored by its family owners over the past three years, ready to welcome guests who appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Enjoy the house’s historic feel, its art and antiques, its literary heritage, cozy corners and attentive service, as well as its beautiful gardens, chapel, swimming pool and intimate wellness area.